Do you ever wonder if God is at work in your life? When you think back at a point in time you wonder if He was there at all? Well, we all go through times like that in our lives. It is what makes us human… very few of us have total recall.

One way to see God working in your life is to make a Hope Board. It can be as simple as a poster board that contains pictures or words of items that you are praying about or hoping for. Remember this is NOT “God give me” mentality. Putting your hopes and prayers in photo and words on the board doesn’t mean God is going to answer all of those prayers and wishes. But what is remarkable is how many items you will come back and circle or highlight as coming true in some fashion. Give it a try – see God work in YOUR life.

I have had a Hope Board for years. That is how my books and writing all came about. Below you will find photos of parts of my Hope Board. It is way too big to show the whole board but you can get the idea.


Instructions: How to Create a Hope Board