1. Gather together a variety of used magazines, pictures of you/friends/family, newspapers, and any other appealing visuals that you can cut up.
  2. Get some inexpensive and fun markers, glitter, letters, stickers and other items that appeal to you from a local craft store.
  3. Set aside at least 2 hours of your time.
  4. Find a spot where you can sit, make a mess, and not worry.  Use a card table, sewing table or just a workbench in the garage.
  5. Begin by looking through the magazines and pictures. Find items that appeal to you on an emotional and visual level and cut them out.  It could be phrases or pictures.  For instance, on my last board I saw enticing pictures of healthy food as well as pictures of a backyard that looked peaceful and relaxing.  I found a phrase, “created by the generations,” that made me think of the children’s book my son and daughter and I were working on.  I cut out an arch because I liked the look of it.
  6. While you are cutting things out, think of what you would like things to be like a year or two from now. Envision your hopes for the future, your desires for your life. When I did my last board, I wanted to eat healthy foods more often, finish two books that would touch many hearts and get them published, increase sales of another book, and red-do my backyard. At the center of my hopes/vision was my desire to see my children healthy, peaceful and working on their own dreams.
  7. Take a break.
  8. Start pasting your pictures, drawing, and/or putting up words that reflect your hopes.  There is no formula here.  Use your creativity—and if you don’t think you are creative, just think in terms of “buckets.” What things are coming to your mind?  Do they fall into buckets like health, using your talents more, improving a part of your life, obtaining a home, or getting the job of your dreams?  It could be anything.  Have fun and create a visual of what you are hoping for.
  9. Decorate it with the items from your craft store.
  10. Remember that your Hope Board won’t look like anyone else’s and it doesn’t need to.  It is your thoughts/dreams/hopes/future vision.
  11. Hang your board somewhere you can see and review it every day.  Spend time on the things you see on the board.  When you are tempted to “veg” too long in front of the TV, work on something that has to do with your Hope Board. Talk to others about your board.  Share your dreams.
  12. Pray.
  13. Whenever something happens that shows progress for the items on the board, write or put something on the board to remind you.  IE I put emails from people who endorsed my books, gave me leads, read the books and encouraged me.  I also put up pictures when we finished the cover of the books to remind me of the progress I was making.
  14. Celebrate each step toward your vision.  Thank God and all those who help you along the way.