Are you trying to do it all—at work, at home, in your extended family and in your community or church?  Would you like more balance in your busy life and the ability to bounce back quicker from the tough times? Have you been wondering how to keep growing personally and gain influence with those who matter most to you? Or maybe you are just trying to successfully juggle it all and still find time for yourself?
If you need a breakthrough, time to focus on yourself, and a framework for living a joyful future, Hope Coaching is for you. It can be delivered one on one or in a group setting, depending on the time and resources available to you.  Either way, it begins by helping you identify the issues/fears/beliefs in your life that are holding you back or impacting your sense of well being.  After focusing in on those promises from The Seven Promises of Hope that resonate with you, we will walk you through seven steps that quickly build your framework for hope.  Finally, we show you how to translate that framework into an approach for dealing with future challenges successfully. Included are tips and tools to nurture the joyful you.
Our signature program is:
Getting Unstuck with the Power of Hope:
5 Keys to Bringing Joy Back into Your Life and Family
Results of Program:

  1. You will break through the fears and limiting beliefs holding you back from living your most joyful life
  2. You will learn how to see a promise in every setback
  3. You will redesign your relationship with hope so you can experience its transforming effects
  4. You will create a simple yet effective action plan to quickly move you from victim to victorious
  5. You will be given a wealth of tips and tools for courageously facing and overcoming any challenge that crosses your path

This 5 Step Program Includes:

  1. Starting Your Hope Journey
  2. The 7 Promises of Hope—The Path To A New Beginning
  3. Welcoming Hope—Redesigning Your Relationship w/ Hope
  4. Bright Future Action Plan: 7 Simple Steps To Leap Into Hope (Practical Steps to Grow/Build Hope quickly)
  5. The Hope Chest: Tips and Tools To Nurture The Joyful You

The options for participating are:
One day signature program (group and individual pricing is available)
90 day private platinum program (individuals only)
6 month private platinum program (individuals only)

Contact us at for pricing and additional details